Mecal by Starn: Getting Old and Staying Young: One Company's International Partnership...

Mecal by Starn: Getting Old and Staying Young: One Company's International Partnership Keeps It on the Technological Frontlines

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John Belovarac, Mecal by StarnJohn Belovarac
A manufacturing sector riddle: What do you get when you combine a nearly 75-year-old American company known for its market-disrupting customer service with an over 40-year-old Italian company known for its high-quality products?

Answer: Mecal by Starn—A company with two locations and one mission – the best quality products with the best quality customer service.

Mecal by Starn is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the entire Mecal product line in the United States and Canada. The company provides world class crimp applicators and spare tooling for the wire harness industry. “You can find Mecal by Starn in the automotive, communication and IT industries and any other environment in which high quality connections are needed,” mentions Greg Wasko, the EVP of Mecal by Starn. The company represents the decade-old partnership of the Italian Mecal and Pennsylvania-based Starn Tool. Of course, in the long-haul business of the manufacturing industry, a decade is about a minute. But, this partnership builds on the long legacy of leadership in both companies, bringing together the best-inclass crimping equipment from Mecal with the customer-focused mission of Starn.

The team at Mecal by Starn is expert at providing the tools and technologies to help clients transform old to new. Starn Tool, and now Mecal by Starn, have had front-row seats to massive, rapid transformations in the automotive industry.

Not so long ago, in the 1980s, cars had about 300 connectors. Today, they have about 2,000. These connectors improve and enhance the car’s internal communication capabilities and the driver’s experience.

(On a wintery morning, drivers across the U.S. might be especially grateful for the connectors that power heated seats!) Just a few years ago, the average new car had about four sensors. Today, cars are loaded with sensors throughout, rousing sleepy drivers and helping nervous parallel parkers squeeze in tight spots.

And the technology of the future is advancing and evolving every day. In automotive alone, Mecal by Starn is already considering connectors for high voltage batteries and electric cars. Still, no matter how much technology changes, some things remain the same. “Mecal by Starn remains true to the Starn Tool roots, remembering that, in tooling, only two things really matter—quality products and on-time delivery. Over five years, we have seen annual growth around 15 percent,” states Wasko. In the wire harness industry overall, that number looks more like 6.7 percent. A margin like that can only be attributed the customer-first attitude at Mecal by Starn.

And keeping that attitude means being unafraid to do things differently. For example, we offer free, inhouse training to our customers and supply them with spare tooling. We want them to be able to keep our products— and keep them running—as long as possible. Now, from a business perspective, that might sound counterintuitive. But, we believe that when our customers and healthy and happy, we are healthy and happy, too.

At Mecal by Starn, we are working across the globe and around the corner from our customers, working to bring the best products to market with the best service to support them. We serve some of the oldest and most preeminent industries, the same industries that are vanguards of revolutionary technical changes. They, and we, are getting older—and still finding ways to stay young.

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Mecal by Starn

Mecal by Starn

Meadville, Pa

John Belovarac and Greg Wasko, EVP

Mecal by Starn is the distributor as well as a manufacturer of the entire Mecal product line in the United States and Canada. The collaboration of Mecal and Starn Tool, creating Mecal by Starn, offers world-class applicators and spare tooling for the wire harness industry. Their products are extensively used by the automotive, communication, IT industry, and wherever there is a requirement of high-quality connection. They also offer the market crimping equipment designed with skill, manufactured with care, and supported with competence